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We know that your glasses are such an important part of your daily life.


We know that it can take great care and expertise to get your perfect pair.


We know because we wear them too.


That's why we stock a large range of frames in a wide variety of styles.  At Ferrier & MacKinnon, unlike large retailers, we deal with many different suppliers to select only the best frames and designs available.  We also stock great quality branded frames, such as Austin Reed, CAT, Guess, Swarovski, Valentino, Police and many more for those who simply must have the best in designer eyewear.


Once you've found the ideal blend of frames & spectacle lenses to suit your needs, we take the time to make sure your eyes are seeing well and that your glasses are fitting comfortably.  Just as you would 'wear in' a new pair of shoes, glasses can need readjustment and fine-tuning over time.  Tailoring your spectacles, including complementary small repairs, is all part of the service when you buy your glasses with us.


With thoughtful and tailored advice from our expert dispensing team, we'll make sure you find glasses to make you happy.

Glasses to make you happy

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At Ferrier & MacKinnon, we're proud to be experts in Silhouette eyewear.


In 1964, this Austrian eyewear brand burst onto the scene with the world's lightest rimless titanium frames.


Ever since, Silhouette's handcrafted eyewear has been at the forefront of spectacle-making, utilising the best materials and latest technologies.  


With the rimless, screwless, hingeless and virtually weightless Titan Minimal Art, Silhouette continue to push the boundaries of comfort, elegance and quality with their incredible spectacles.


In addition, thanks to having our own in-house glazing facility, we can create your truly unique look by making bespoke rimless glasses specifically for you.