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We regularly have fantastic offers available with our lenses, frames and even contact lenses. It's worth regularly checking back here or even subscribing to our Facebook/Twitter feed where we can let you know about the brilliant offers (and money you can save).

Current Offers

20% OFF your second pair

Whether your second pair is a pair of reading glasses, or a perfectly set up pair of lenses for computer use, or even sunglasses - we'll happily give you 20% off any second pairs.

FREE Nikon Varifocal lens thinning

We've teamed up with Nikon Lenswear - one of the world's most established and well-known brands - to offer our patients an incredible lens thinning deal when ordering new varifocals.


Simply buy either an anti-reflective coated:

      Presio Power

                  Presio Balance

                               Move 2

varifocal lens, and receive a free upgrade to the thinnest, lightest lenses.


Ideal for those who want lovely, thin lenses but without the price tag! Ask us for more details. - You'll save up to £155!!


***TRANSITIONS*** You can add Transitions for only £40, rather than the standard £55!