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Our Equipment

We regularly take photos of the back of the eye, of almost everyone we see, to build up a long-term picture of how your eyes adapt and change over a number of years/visits.

Digital Retinal Photography allows us to document what we see in the back of your eye and - the best part - we can explain your images to you as part of your eye examination.

Optical Coherence Tomography 3D

We've invested in the best technology so that, with the expertise of your optometrist, you can always be assured of a thorough and detailed eye examination.  


We believe that this enhances the trust between you and your optometrist while representing great value.  For the very curious among you, we've put a little explanation about each here...

Visual Fields

We carry out routine visual fields check on most people who present for an eye exam. This test, which involves spotting little lights out in the peripheral vision, can help detect a loss of areas of peripheral vision.

Slit Lamp

One piece of equipment you'll find in the room is called the slit lamp. This extremely useful piece of equipment is, in effect, a high powered microscope with a bright light to help us conduct a very detailed examination of these layers.

We use this on every patient, as there are many conditions which can be successfully diagnosed with slit lamp examination. What you'll usually see is a bright light, controlled by the optometrist, as it moves across your eye.

Digital Retinal Photography

The eye is filled with a fluid that enters at the back of the eye and exits near the front. For various reasons, occasionally the draining process can get blocked and the pressure inside the eye can rise.  We test the pressure using a tonometer - this 'little puff of air' gives a good reading and allows us to another way of checking your eye's health.


OCT Animation OCT Animation

We've been taking photographs of the back surface of the eye for over 10 years. Our commitment to using the latest technology, however, has led our Dunfermline practice now has a state-of-the-art OCT (Optical Coherence Tomographer), personally selected by Colin, John & Charles to enabe us to see underneath the surface using advanced 3D imaging.


The result is that we can get a much better view of early signs of conditions like glaucoma and macular degeneration. Your OCT scan will always be fully explained to you, to give you peace of mind.


As a result, you can have greater confidence in the accuracy of your eye examination.


OCT scans for everyone are available in our Dunfermline practice for only £25.